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Posted on November 24 2017

In the lead up to the new year we have been working day and night to make 2018 our year. You should expect a lot from us over the course of the next 12 months. From basic changes to improve all aspects of the product, branding and service to the biggest opportunities to date. Pop up stores will take Distinkt to International levels, making appearances in Milan, Paris, Praque, Amsterdam and our home capital London. The release of our next collection will be exclusive to these stores and will feature celebrity signings so be ready to get travelling. 

You can also find us at the UKDE exhibition in Birmingham in February to get your hands on the new collection. Come and find us at Crepe City in July as well as some of your favourite festivals all over festival season. Distinkt Milestones will see the introduction of our own Events, showcasing some of the best artists from all over the country. Modelling competitions are looking to become modelling sponsorships making way for an official team of Distinkt Models.